I start my blog with gnosis because most of what occurs in the world of Psychism, Witchcraft and magic are UPG”s. In the event I describe below in “Meeting Manannan” you will get a firsthand look at what a UPG experience can be like. Many psychics call them spontaneous events.


Gnosis is Greek for knowledge. Unverified Personal Gnosis refers to an experience that is spiritual in nature. One that helps clarify or add information to a person’s spiritual beliefs but cannot be verified by known mythology. A UPG can take many forms, trance, a gut feeling, a sudden revelation, a dream, an epiphany, or any form of a psychic or spiritual event. UPG can fill in the gaps that spirituality sometimes leaves. It is not something you make up or something you think is true. Rather, it is something you believe or know is true because you had the experience and you trust the source or event, even though you cannot prove it in any way. The majority of what occurs in magic, psychism, and witchcraft is considered a UPG.


I remember working with Manannan or Manann (also known as Manannan mac Lir), the Celtic God of the Sea. I had been exploring my connections to the Fae through dreamwork. It began with a dream where my being a child of the oak was significant and I was trying to research it to see if it was a real thing or not. Prior to this event in my weeks of research Hecate, came to me and said, “Seek the Fae.” Then my spirit guide later came and told me to seek the Fae. With the message now clear I sought out the Fae.

I knew exactly where to go, to the Fae Goddess I had been to many times before. The home of the Fae Goddess is a place that holds all four seasons on an astral plane. When I visit there I typically arrive on a moonlit winter night. Soon after my arrival a horseman jumps over a snowbank in a bluster and guides me along the path. The seasons along the path change from winter to fall, to summer, and end with spring in a meadow. Typically, once I get to the spring meadow I get to speak to the Goddess.

It was not so this time. When I arrived, it was a bleak winter night without snow or moonlight. This was unsettling and I had to call for the horseman. When he did arrive, he just appeared behind me startling me even more. He asked what I wanted, and I told him I was here to learn about the children of the Oak. He pointed to the path which was unusually dark and formidable and I was uncomfortable.

Previously when I have walked this path there have been shadow people running alongside the path at some distance. They seem to be hunched over like Neanderthals and follow along and watch me. This time one noticed me the same time I noticed it and walked up onto the path before me. The horseman pulled up between us and asked me “What you want of them?” “To no longer fear them and give respect” I replied and the horseman withdrew.

In the silent darkness, I gazed at the shadow person for a moment. I was trying to scan the situation to see what I should do next. As I did I noticed I had no fear, so I told the creature, “I do not fear you old one, and I mean you no harm”. I felt a sense of relaxation from the creature and it straightened to its full 8 ft height. “What do you wish of me?” it asked” “Only to know you” I replied as I bowed my head slightly.

Then through telepathic clairvoyance, the shadow person showed me about its creation. It revealed that the shadow people are the original people of the chaos. The shared vision of their exit from the chaos was extraordinary. The shadow person telepathically implied that Manannan had brought them out of chaos with him and they are now Manannan’s watchers. They are how Manannan knows all, and he showed me a clairvoyant vision of how they watch people for him. Then it slowly walked off the path.

I proceeded down the path into the season of fall when I heard a voice below me. I looked down and it was a rock angrily screaming at me. “Do not kick me! you always kick me!” The rock has never spoken to me before. So, I knelt before the rock and made amends then moved on. I have never been so aware or involved with the journey as I have on this trip.

At the bend in the path, there is a place I have been told is forbidden. The horseman will not let me in there. As I pass by it looks like Fae are in there dancing and having a party. This time I asked if I could enter. “ It is not for you” the horseman replied. “May I at least see them?” I asked and he allowed this.

I was aghast at the creatures; they were not dancing Fairies! They were more like Gollums and it was clear they were not nice as they began approaching the fence. Suddenly I noticed the Goddess who usually in the meadow, was now between myself and the Gollums.

I began to feel a bubble of protection surrounding me as she stood there. She then informed me these beings were the darkest and most dangerous of the Fae. “We keep them contained and sup them with food and drink so they can do no harm,” she said.

The next thing I know the Goddess and I are in the spring meadow. It is a beautiful spring day, with plants all around and some of them are talking as we begin to chat. I ask the Goddess about the children of the Oak and she says, “You must seek Manannan and the Morrigan then return to the Oak from which you come.” Then I was released from the event.

The oak from which I come can only mean the Oak trees I spent so much time in as a child. The Morrigan? Well, books here I come.

I began this pathworking around 8:30 am. When I walked into the living room it was 1:45 pm. Below is my next working on my journey to find an answer about the children of the oak several days later.

I sat before a low altar in trance seeking Manannan and I was transported to a beach. It was a moonlit night and the sea was stormy. I looked out on the sea and felt beckoned to come forth. As my eyes searched the sea, I saw an old boat floating some distance away. I considered using it to travel to Manannan. However, I decided to jump into the sea.

I swam out and was met by a group of Undines, they are the Elemental spirits of Water. Most think of them as mermaids. I was filled with child-like awe at their beauty and overjoyed at the honor of being allowed to swim with them. However, my joy quickly changed to fear as their temperament changed and became aggressive.

I no longer felt safe and supported and stories of mermaids flooded my mind as the sea whipped angrily. Full of fear, the image of the boat came to mind and I struggled to swim toward it through the angry sea. When I was finally able to grab the boat my grip kept slipping. While struggling to get in suddenly a hand reached out and pulled me in. It was Manannan.

“Why did you jump into the water? He asked” “To be in your realm instead of my own” I replied timidly. “Few pass the test to reach me as you have. You knew the dangers of the Undines and the sea and still, you came. What is it you seek?” “To know the origins of the spirit within me” I replied. He told me the Tuatha Dé Danann were my people and showed me their stories of creation and war through clairvoyant visions, I could see it all. “You must seek the Morrigan,” he said then he released me back to the sea, a signal the event was over and I woke up.

In my next entry, I will tell the tale of meeting The Morrigan and the outcome of my search.

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