Chapter 11 The Hidden Psychic

The Hidden Psychic

I discovered the hidden psychic phenomenon when I was working as a Dual Diagnosis Counselor, which is a counselor of people who have both mental health issues and an addiction.

During my fifteen years of working with the people on the streets, in the detox, methadone clinics, and among those of the Native Nations, I began to see a pattern and started to keep records of my findings. It proved out that 40 percent of the clientele that I saw in my time actually had spiritual, religious, or psychic issues, not mental health issues, and they were self-medicating to manage.

 The Hidden Psychic

There are many people who have had spontaneous events who do not even know they are psychics. These folks are typically led to believe, or may fear, they have mental health issues. Approximately 40 percent of my clients had experienced spontaneous events since they could remember without knowing what those events were. Which means they were likely born a psychic, a witch, a profit, a seer, a messenger, or a magical practitioner of some kind and had no idea; they just felt lost, confused, and ungrounded. Many just felt wrong, broken, or out of control.

 The Marginalized

Once I created a relationship of trust and safety, I was able to gently introduce the concepts of psychism when I felt it applied to the situation. I always started with intuition because that is the most socially acceptable term for anything psychic. Approaching psychism with more acceptable terms allowed folks to feel comfortable and expressive with their issues. My clinical work became the creating and testing ground for many of the exercises in this book. It is what motivated me to leave the clinic and its restrictions and become a spiritual teacher and guide. I knew I could reach more people on the street level. I spent time listening to the people I encountered and found they had many feelings or beliefs in common.

The most prominent feelings and beliefs that were expressed in my work are listed here:

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