Chapter 7 Spirits and Deities

Working with Spirits and Deity

Working with spirits and deity is a vast topic and a varied skill. However, there are some clear methods that hold true through time. The number one thing I see when researching this topic is most people, past and present, begin working with spirits and deity by making an effort to attract a spirit or deity. This means researching what the spirit or deity likes and then making an altar for them and putting offerings on that altar. It is best to do this research first and learn their stories in history. This way, you can tell if a spirit or deity that has presented is actually the one you were seeking and not someone or something else.

You can create your own exercise to practice working with a spirit or deity by seeking them out in meditation, pathworking, through dreams or out on the astral. Almost all spirits and deity encounters occur in a UPG, so let’s explore what a UPG is.

 UPG-Unverified Personal Gnosis

Gnosis is Greek for knowledge. Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) refers to an experience that is spiritual in nature. It is one that helps clarify or add information to a person’s spiritual beliefs but cannot be verified by known mythology. A UPG can take many forms, including a trance, gut feeling, sudden revelation, dream, epiphany, or any form of a psychic or spiritual event.

A UPG can fill in the gaps that spirituality sometimes leaves. It is not something you make up or something you think is true. Rather, it is something you believe or know is true because you had the experience, and you trust the source or event even though you cannot prove it in any way. The majority of what occurs in magic, psychism, and the beyond is considered a UPG.

[Journal Entry Begins]


I had been working with the Goddess Hecate for a month or so, and one night when I addressed her as a Goddess, she got angry and said, “I am no Goddess I am a God!” She went on to explain that the suffix “dess” added to the end of the word God, in her time and language implied a lesser deity. She went on to explain that she was one of the original Titans and that Zeus had allowed her to keep her full powers.

[Journal Entry Ends]

The next day, I did what research I could to verify the information Hecate gave me. In all my research I only found one reference to that mentions Hecate being an original titan but nothing anywhere else. Such is the nature of UPGs and working with spirits.