This book is based on a three-level curriculum I teach that progresses from beginner to intermediate and on to advanced skills. In each chapter are correctly labeled psychic skills, discussions, and examples of personal stories about how each skill works. Also, you will see what these practices look or feel like accompanied by tools and exercises that are easy to understand. The work in this book is a reference and a study course that will increase the effectiveness, skill, and confidence of any psychic.

Chapter 1 includes a brief chapter glossary with definitions to get you familiar with the terms used as you start your studies and there is a bibliography and index in the back of the book for further refrence material.

To successfully complete the work in this book, you will need a journal. Writing down your thoughts and experiences is vital to your practice. You will see examples of my personal journal entries throughout that demonstrate a journal’s value.

As a Hedge Witch, I focus on how psychic skills fit into Magic, Witchcraft, and ritual, but these skills by no means are exclusive to those areas. Anyone, not just magical practitioners or people of a specific religion or culture, can use the skills I present.

As you progress through the chapters and read about my experiences and knowledge, you will learn that being a psychic is a life journey and a life skill that is seldom taught. The first three chapters are also a guide to help with shadow work. By writing this book, it is my desire to ease your journey. May this book be your guide and many blessings to all!


When I was nine, Grandma shuffled some funny-looking cards and asked me to tell her what I thought they meant. Later, I learned they were tarot cards. The next day, Mom explained what the “Craft” and psychism were, the “Craft” being Witchcraft. She told me I had the gift of sight and swore me to secrecy. I was never to let anyone know about my gifts because they would not understand and may harm me for them. I could not even tell my siblings. No one meant only Mom and Grandma were to know about my gifts. They began my education in the Craft when I was young and initiated me into the family tradition when I was thirteen. Through puberty and on up into my late twenties my clairvoyant skills were off the hook. I could walk into a crowded room and hear not only the actual conversations that were happening but also the ones in people’s minds. Someone could be with friends, and I would feel their loneliness and depression and much more.

During this time, my skills flooded in with little control. I learned and generously used the skills of charm, glamor, and enchantment to bend people to my will. Coupled with clairvoyance and little fear of anything, I became an untamed Fairy.

This is the state I was in when I was introduced to bikers, and oddly that is where I learned to calm down. The bikers made me feel safe. They were easy for me to deal with because they were a closed group with clear rules. They quickly came to appreciate, value, and use my skills. Within the group, I saw and knew everything but stayed in the background. Yet I was always present whenever they had to deal with others. If I had any doubts about a person, it was a no-go. Later for fear of my safety, my mom suggested I find another way to fit into the world.