Chapter 9 The Beyond

The beyond involves a deep altered state of mind and includes UPGs, trance experiences, astral realms, portals, multiverses, timelines and timeline jumping, dreams, crossing the hedge, working in the cosmos, visions, and much more. The beyond covers all the varied things that are generally unexplainable or not labeled through common definitions of psychism, Magic, and Witchcraft. The beyond is only limited by you.

To become aware of and experience the beyond typically takes documentation of all your psychic events and practice of all the skills over a period of many years.

That said, a few folks have these things happen spontaneously without practice. We are the ones who say, “I was born like this.” If you are one too and have managed your psychism well, you will know of what I speak when I say that the beyond is often unexplainable. I have prepared you for the beyond throughout this book, to help you understand the beyond when I describe some of what it contains.

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Sleep Paralysis/Astral Catalepsy

Astral catalepsy is a period in which both the astral and physical bodies are stiff and nonmoving. This is sleep paralysis and occurs when the astral body first lifts out to begin its journey. Some people are scared by this experience. It is unsettling to be sure; however, I have found when I became lucid during paralysis, and I used my pause and scan skills the paralysis would diminish, perhaps it will for you too.

I talk myself through paralysis by first looking at the facts and telling myself, “This is the onset of travel, relax, breathe, and let go.” After several times of doing this, I no longer experience the paralysis, at least not in a fearful state or while lucid.

Paralysis is your body experiencing a transition from the physical to the astral and your body needs a moment to adjust while your consciousness shifts to another plane of reality. To do this, the body temporarily shuts down which is the cause of the paralysis. If you can coach yourself through it, you will succeed in astral travel and many other threshold types of psychism. If you cannot get past the fear of sleep paralysis, it will block you from astral travel.