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Connect and Grow on Your Spiritual Path

Cat hosts or admins several spaces on Facebook, all connecting you to various aspects of Witchcraft and Paganism. Joining groups, getting involved, and connecting with like-minded people is integral to bringing your inner work out, supporting your spiritual journey’s growth and progression.

Cat’s Facebook

Hedgewitch, Herbalist, Psychic, Teacher, Spiritual guide, and walker of many worlds

Cat Gina Cole Fan Group

There is magic in all things and when the student is ready the teacher will be found.

Pagan Biznus Talk and Support

This group is to discuss anything business-related, offer ideas, and support, and chat about any business stuff, our workday, platforms issues, customers, whatever we need. I know most of you make money from your work in some way or have a lot of experience in working with various platforms.

The Green Egg

Be a part of a visionary movement for the 21 st century and beyond. In this group many wonderful and also controversial things can be posted and discussed, please be civil, mature and non-judemental, thank you.

Rogue Valley Pagan Group

This group is a safe space for all kinds of Witchy, Pagan, Psychic, Metaphysical and even personal conversation and questions.