Chapter 1 Psychic Skill Building

Psychism is a dance between science and mystery, which cannot be separated because they are two parts of a whole. Knowing this assists in defining psychism clearly. Combining scientific explanation and mystery also gives us additional skills needed to practice psychism. Because understanding the science and later adding your emotions will further enhance the effectiveness of the techniques.

Psychism is not tangible, and the first non-tangible concept you must have is the belief that thoughts and emotions are real things with real energy, much like electricity. You can see the wires, but you cannot physically see the electricity.

For psychic skills, you need to believe it is possible to pick up the vibration, color, sound, energy, and visual resonance of thoughts and emotions because those are the vehicles for all things psychic.

All things psychic travel on, and are created by, or consist of, vibration and energy that emanate from thought, emotion, and perception. Science has proven that thoughts cause a vibration in our world. These vibrations create energy and leave behind a resonance in our bodies, minds, and senses as they move through us. Those vibrations are everywhere all the time—traveling like radio waves or light waves. And like those waves, thought and emotional waves can and do travel through our bodies. Some of those waves resonate within us stronger than others and stimulate unseen mental images and other perceptions and senses.

Have you ever walked into a hospital and noticed that the atmosphere just feels a bit different? Or walked into a room after an argument and felt it? Or walked into a church or temple and suddenly felt the sacredness of it? Those sensations are the tangible results of the nontangible vibrations and energies left over from thoughts and emotions as they resonate in the environment. We feel that resonance, but do we truly believe they are leftover energies of thoughts, emotions, and events?


What you believe about energy and psychism is the second most important nontangible concept you need to examine to begin working in psychism. Belief is the power and conviction that fuel your thoughts. Belief creates the energy to your thoughts that then vibrate within you until they become actions and words.

For example, if you say you believe everyone has some psychic ability but then say to yourself, “Oh, that was just a coincidence” when something happens, what does that really say about your beliefs? When you have a psychic occurrence but dismiss it because it is socially awkward or unacceptable, this is a notice to you about your beliefs and is one that needs attention.


Fear and Beliefs

When you are afraid to express your beliefs, you can weaken the power behind that belief. This kind of fear can also weaken or block your psychic skills and their effectiveness. Many valid fears go with being psychic. There is the fear of losing control, which partners with the fear of the unknown; and some people even fear the social impact.

I recommend looking at your fears about psychic skills with an open mind and address them through journaling at the beginning of your psychic journey. This will help you discover what fears and old beliefs you might need to let go of to open the door to your journey.