Chapter 5 Advance Skills

Advancing Your Skills

 Advanced psychic skills are fun; however, they take practice, skill, and focus, so begin with the basic skills found at the beginning of the chapter and work your way up. With these skills, we begin to look at the different ways of thinking, mainly from linear to conceptual thinking. Linear thinking is the typical way we think every day. Conceptual thinking, on the other hand, is less well known and is a way of thinking in loose ideas, abstract ideas, or general notions. Most psychic skills require conceptual thinking.


Clair is French for clear and voyance means vision. Clairvoyance overlaps with many other psychic skills, such as clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, precognition, and empathic senses. Some folks only have one psychic skill they are good at, which is great. However, I suspect many have more than one skill. I also believe there are more clairvoyants out there than are recognized. Defining clairvoyance is important because when you know the boundaries and abilities of each skill, it provides better control and clarity.

Clairvoyance is a general ability among humans. Ever wonder how parents know what kids are doing? Usually, it is intuition; they get a sudden nudge that makes them look up and say, “Wait, what is going on?” Then they scan and can usually tell. If a parent has clairvoyance, they will see what is going on.

Clairvoyance has been acknowledged, used, and cultivated since ancient times. Prophets, fortune tellers, shamans, wizards, witches, cunning folk, and seers through all ages have employed clairvoyance. Like other skills, clairvoyance can be used on an intermediate or advanced level. In its highest form, clairvoyance is the viewing of nonphysical planes, the astral, the etheric, the spiritual worlds, and the beings that inhabit them. This includes the auric field surrounding all things in nature.

A clairvoyant is a psychic who can tune into others, the etheric world, and see things through images in their mind. A clairvoyant can interpret those images based on their own symbolism. Visual input can be conceptual or linear in nature. This means a clairvoyant can perceive current objects, events, or people who cannot be known through the normal senses.

 Clairvoyance Exercises

Find a friend or family member and ask them to find a picture but not show it to you. Have them focus on the picture for a while and then put it in an envelope. Now sit face-to-face or back-to-back and have them keep the image in their mind.

Use the pause meditation to relax and clear your mind and let the images come. You may get several images or thoughts at first. Stay with it until one clear image comes to mind. When you are done, tell them what you saw and ask them to reveal the contents of the envelope. This can be fun at parties too.

For another exercise, when you first wake up see if you can tune into someone you are close to. Look to see if you can tell what they are doing, what they are wearing, or how they are feeling. Note the time of day and then contact them to see how accurate you were.

Another fun exercise is to tune into someone you are speaking to on the phone to see if you can tell what they are wearing or where they are.

Traveling Clairvoyance

Traveling clairvoyance is the ability to cast your inner vision and awareness across a room or distance to see what is happening somewhere else, this is similar to remote viewing. When using traveling clairvoyance, I shift my consciousness from the present moment to the item or person I wish to tune into. Then I use pause and scan to cast my inner vision and awareness toward my goal. I can generally tell what is going on anywhere I choose.

Once when deeply engaged in a conversation with a friend, I got a clear vision of a man sitting on the curb outside; he was someone my friend knew. With my inner vision/clairvoyance, I could see him hanging his head in his hands. My empathy revealed he was sad, confused, and needed someone to talk to. I excused myself and went to talk to him. He was grateful and I was able to help him.

It has been a challenge for some of my partners to live with my clairvoyance. One time, I was in the house doing artwork while my husband was out in the garage. He had been out there most of the day when I suddenly had a strong vision and I empathically could feel what he was thinking and feeling. He was having uncomfortable thoughts about himself and his dad, so I went to comfort him. It surprised him and he felt I had invaded his private thoughts, which I had. I felt terrible when I realized what I had done.

This raises a point on etiquette and ethics of psychism. Someone once told me, “Just because you know the truth does not mean you have to say it.” People deserve their privacy and to sort out their own issues. With our skills and gentle guidance, we can ethically lead folks to resolution without disclosing what we already know.