Kitchen Witchery


Today’s act of magic was some old-fashioned kitchen witchery. For some reason, I like hand-washing dishes while it is raining. Today I had that opportunity, and I opened the kitchen window and door as I worked. The rain and breeze brought waves of aroma from the roses out the window and aromas of oregano and sage from the herb garden out the back door combined with the comforting sound of the rain. I thanked the windows for doing their job. For being a portal to let in or keep out nature as we desire. For their protection and for being a bringer of light and vision.

I extended my gratitude to the rain and thanked it for its service. Rain gives us the water we wash with and so much more. With my hands in the water, this allowed me to connect to the element of water. Emotions are connected to water and what came was happy emotions and memories. As I washed the dishes, I reflected on memories of how each dish, fork, and other kitchen item had served in creating those memories. All the friends and family that had eaten from them, the amazing food they helped create. I let my gratitude and happy memory flow into each item as I thanked it. I even thanked the sink filter for keeping my plumbing clear of debris.

As I handled each item, I could feel how happy they were to be of service and to be shown love and gratitude, it filled me in return. I then let all of that flow back to the rain and let it all connect energetically.

As I cleaned the stove, I could feel the happy memories and good food and the hard work it has given in service to this home. I could feel how happy it was to be cleaned and given shiny new rings for the burners. It made me smile and I thanked the old crusty ones for their service too as I considered their hard work and memories. They were grateful to be done with their work and put to rest, they had given their all and more.

The floor was no different as I swept and mopped. I could feel it talking to me about its service. It showed me how it takes all our dirt and cast-offs and how it has held steady for every step each person who has been here had taken. I smiled again as I thanked it for holding up our home and how it keeps our home together for us. It too responded in kind for being recognized, cared for, and loved in return. Even every bit of dust dirt, or pet hair on the floor holds energy and memory, and I thanked it for being there too.

When I was done, I looked around and smiled, filled with all the good feelings emanating from the kitchen, the heart of the home was now recharged and so was I. As I looked out the door to the garden and took in the smell of the herbs the rain came to a stop, its job of magic done for the day, and I thanked it for its service and a job well done.

This act of magic is all about animism and energy. The magical idea that all things have a spirit, and energy and recognizing and honoring that. It is also an act of mindfulness, being fully mindful of each moment and being truly present with each thing you are encountering in the moment, and allowing yourself to have a fully engaged energy exchange with it. Some call this simple acts of magic and yet as you can see even simple acts of magic can have big results! Simple acts of love to small things can go a long way, and that is magical indeed.

Many Blessings to all!