Classes and Services

I am available for in-person events, and online interviews, and to write reviews and forwards for other authors. For these services please use the contact form on the homepage main menu, thank you.

Openings are based on a first-come, first-served basis. For any of the classes and services listed below, I begin by discussing your needs, and schedules in a video call. This first video call is free. I use this method to determine where you are in your practice and to see if my services are a good fit for you. All following classes and guidance will also be via video call.

Many of the services  I offer can either be a one-time conversation or a more long-term arrangement. Classes and services are designed so you can work at your own pace and in your own way. Any homework given is to assist in building induvial skills and practices and will be tailored to you and your needs.

(Work-Study and exchange classes available, see bottom of the page for info)


INDIVIDUAL PSYCHIC SKILLS CLASSES- The focus here is on the skills you have or the ones you have an interest in building on. Once a skill is agreed on we will discuss what you already know about that skill and use that as a starting point. This will be followed by a discussion about what you want to do with that skill, and to what level you would like to take it. From there we will develop a study plan complete with exercises to practice the skill.

GUIDANCE FOR SPIRITUAL PRACTICES- This is where we discover which spiritual path suits you the best, or,  I can assist you in further exploring the path you have chosen to the depth you desire.  I can guide you in any and all spiritual paths as I am not only eclectic in my practices, but also an inter-faith practioner. If there is a spiritual path I am not familiar with I have resources to refer you to.

INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE FOR SHADOW WORK- These sessions are tailored to the individual. In this work, I provide guidance and proven skills to move an induvial through their shadow work in a manner fitting their spirituality, beliefs, and experiences.

Please know shadow work borders on dealing with our mental and emotional health. I am a retired Master of Social work and addictions counselor. I am also a lifelong Psychic, Witch, and an Ordained Pagan Minister. This means I have practice and professional skills that can assist you in your shadow work. During this process, I may, suggest outside counseling or make other referrals as we continue to work together, to ensure you are well cared for, and your needs are met.

FULL PSYCHIC SKILLS COURSE- The required text for this course is my book, Psychic Skills for Magic, and Witchcraft. This course gives you the opportunity to work step by step through the book and coursework, one on one with its creator. You get to discuss each topic of my book in-depth with me the author and receive my personal insights and much more that is not in the book.

Psychic Skills For Magic and Witchcraft Course includes:

LEVEL 1-Psychic Skill  Basics:

Thoughts Are Things,  Beliefs, The Pause Skill, Sensing, Scanning, Visualization, Imagination, Meditation, Intuition, Balance, Joy, Gratitude, Spiritual Evolution, Effects of Social Conditioning, Social Conditioning, What Is It? Self-Tapes, Ego, Fake It Till You Make It, Pivoting, Trust, Letting Go, Spiritual Letting Go

LEVEL 2 Developing Intuitive Skills
Five faculties of The Mind, Perception, Reason, Intellect, Discernment, Will, Intuition, Seeing, Synchronicity, Manifesting To Create, Spiritual Creation, Magic, Law of Attraction
Letting go In psychism, Fear, Faith, Caution, The Practice of Stepping Aside, Stepping Aside parts 1-5, Empathic Skills Clairempathic, Pathworking, Rescuing vs helping, Remote Viewing, OBE Trancework, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairvoyance In Time and Space, Claircognizance, Precognition, Telepathy, Familiarity, Glamor, Enchantment, Invisibility, The Mantic arts and Kinesis, Astragyromancy, Bibliomancy, Cartomancy, Crystalomancy, Hydromancy, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Automatic Writing

LEVEL 3 Advancing Your Skills
Working with Spirits and Deity, UPG- Unverified Personal Gnosis, Spirits, Guides, Working With Deity, The Veil, Necromancy and, Mediumship, Séance, Aspecting, Channeling,
Introduction To Dreams, Historical Beliefs About Dreams, Nature of Dreams, Pre-Dream States, Dream Work, The Dream State, Dream Avoidance, Psychic Dreams, Dream Control, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Sleep Paralysis, Astral Planes, Astral Body, Astral Realms, Portals, Multi-Verses, Time-lines, The Cosmos, Over the Hedge, Flying, Psychic Liberation, Paradox’s, What they don’t tell you, Compartmentalizing, Detachment, Disassociation, Self-Compassion, Spontaneous Event, The Hidden Psychic-The Marginalized, The Psychic Amplifier, and The Emotional Connection.

PRICE FOR ALL CLASSES: 20.00 per class.  Each class is one hour long and conducted via zoom or video call. Sometimes in person if you are local to me.


I currently have two openings for work-study or exchange of services students. What is work-study or exchange? This means the student offers to do work for the instructor to pay for classes. Exchange of services means the student has a service they offer the teacher instead of paying for classes.

The student and or teacher have, the right to terminate any previous agreements at any time. Payment can be made through Facebook Pay or Pay Pal. Please know there are no refunds, and I look forward to our journey together. Many Blessings to all!.